GOALS for 2010

and nooooooooo, these don’t count as resolutions…. LORD KNOWS, how I feel about resolutions 🙂

The list is a work in progress.  I’ll be adding to it this week!

  1. Lose 30 lbs by birthday #32
  2. Go to my Duke 10 year reunion
  3. Unpack the last boxes from my move last APRIL
  4. Complete the SparkPeople 28 day Program
  5. Complete Couch to 5K Program
  6. Complete p90X program (90/90)
  7. Train for a 1/2 marathon (to be run late 2010, early 2011)
  8. Try 10 new recipes (6/10)
    1. Chef Meg’s Red Beans and Rice
    2. Ground Turkey Stew with Rice (From a recipe card I got at Ralph’s)
    3. Banana Walnut Whole Wheat Pancakes
    4. Penne with Lighter Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce
    5. “Grown UP” Mac n Cheese from Vegetarian Times Magazine 🙂
    6. 15 Minute Chili
  9. Go on AT LEAST 2 Camping trips
  10. Run the Warrior Dash in April
  11. Run the Revlon Walk in May
  12. Get my bicycle serviced so I can ride it this Spring/Summer.

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