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What have we learned?

This past weekend Steve and I went to go see Agora at the Laemmle in West Hollywood.  The movie is a great film.  I would definitely recommend the movie.  It’s set in Alexandria during the time that Christians were increasing … Continue reading

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I’ve always enjoyed IMAX and 3D but Avatar in IMAX 3D was amazing.  Before going to see the movie I had heard from a number of people that they enjoyed the movie based on its visual effects even though the … Continue reading

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Julie and Julia

Last night, Steve and I watched Julie and Julia.  We really enjoyed it.  So much so that once the movie was over (even though it was about 9pm) we decided that instead of just buying dessert for tonight’s Hanukkah dinner … Continue reading

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There is always an element of perspective when we struggle. We are often “in” the most difficult times, what we are dealing with, struggling with is often the most difficult thing we’ve faced. Getting to college was the difficulty I … Continue reading

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