Round 2, T-minus days

After the day that I just had, I’ll give you one guess as to what I was in no mood to do once I got home. Yep, you’re right. I was in no mood to do my P90X Core Synergistics. So what did I do? I did my P90x Core Synergistics, OF COURSE.  To be fair I didn’t do the bonus round or the Dreya roll but I still did it.  It was just one of those days when nothing went quite right.  I left at the end of the day wondering what I actually accomplished at work.  I was exhausted when I got home and was actually pretty sore from the Turbo Fire.  I pulled out my yoga mat and set up and just did it.  I’ve realized that if I can get the workout started I actually get pumped up as I get going.  I wasn’t excited about doing the work out but will admit that I feel good having done it even though I know I’ll be even more sore tomorrow.  JOY!

Today’s Workout
Day: T-minus 2 days
Program: P90X
Workout: Core Synergistics
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: Just me and the mat

Tomorrow’s Workout: Tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day but the Mis-Fits are having a morning workout.  Cardio first thing on a Friday morning has always been a great way to start a productive day before the weekend.  I’ll reshuffle my schedule to get a rest day in.

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