Start of P90X

So weeks and weeks ago so that it’s actually months ago I met Allan at Pilate Joe’s where the Mis-Fits and the Long Beach Sparkers got to try out the facilities.  I thought the Mis-Fits was an interesting group and started joining them for a couple of events which included some of the P90X videos.  After having my butt kicked by the cardio and yoga (yes, yoga kicked my butt, this IS P90X) I realized this is what I wanted to do.

I asked myself, can I do this for 90 days? I realized I can, especially when Steve decided that he would do it with me.  It’d be nice to have a buddy to work out with.  It’s even nicer to NOT be the only one in the condo who’s sore.

So we got the DVDs and did our Fit Test and on Saturday started our 90 days.  Saturday, we started off with Core and yesterday we did Cardio.  We’re off to subject myself to Arms and Abs… FUN FUN FUN!

Sore but totally energized, it’s an interesting experience.

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One Response to Start of P90X

  1. Paola, I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to hear how this goes.

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