The Birenbaums go to Greer, AZ

Cross Country Skiing in AZ

So the first weekend in March, Steve and I decided to head over to Arizona.  We went to Greer, AZ, on a complete whim but had a great time! We stayed at the Greer Lodge Resort and pretty much ate breakfast at the 373 Grill and dinner at the Neon Moon every day we were there… I would definitely do the blueberry pancakes at the 373 Grill in the mornings.  🙂

But aside from eating we also tried out snow-shoeing and cross country skiing.  And yes, we had fun.  And yes, we took loads of pictures.  And yes, I fell down… three times… twice I was just standing there and slipped with my skis on my feet (one was a legitimate fall) 😛

So enjoy the photos and let us know if you make it out there… I’m serious… THE BLUEBERRY PANCAKES 🙂  YEAH!

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One Response to The Birenbaums go to Greer, AZ

  1. I’m so glad you guys had such a good time! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. And cross-country skiing? What a great workout! No wonder you are looking so good – you probably burned a zillion calories out there – blueberry pancakes or not. Yum.

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