C25K, W1D2

I definitely was in NO mood to get my butt over to the gym to do my W1D2 workout.  I had a super long day at work, the rain didn’t not make it an easy day but.  That and the farmer’s market couldn’t set up because of the storms so I couldn’t pick up my box of veggies. Depite all of that, I figured it was only a 20 minute workout so I got my workout clothes on and got my butt to the gym.

I’m glad that I went.  It’s helps with the consistency of my workout schedule but also it helped with all of the BLAHNESS of the day.  I ended up staying for 40 minutes and doing a bit extra since I was already there.

So in the end, I did my workout.  Ran a bit faster than my last workout.  Getting it done and feeling good about it 🙂


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