From Cookie Dough to Wood

Anyone? Anyone?

Yes, I am a book nerd turned movie buff.  The reference comes from Fight Club (the movie) — I’m not sure if this line is in the book.  I’ll have to check.

A guy who came to Fight Club for the first time, his a** was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood.

The GOALSAn amazing book by Chuck Palahniuk and the movie did a great job putting it on the screen.  I’m not saying I’m going to starting fighting folks (that’s just not my style) but I like the image of transforming from the Pillsbury Dough Boy into whatever is the opposite of the DB (I need to get a good endgame picture).  I used  My Virtual Model to help me with the visualization of the shrinking doughiness.  Goal 2 is what I’m shooting for (a 40# loss) but I want to keep my options open in case I feel inspired.  So here goes.  Cookie dough – AWAY!

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