The most random things are correlated in my mind.  The other day I was listening to my ipod and the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley came on.  I didn’t hear this song for the first time until I was here in California but my mind flashed back to high school.  I had the mental image of the music room on the boy’s side of P.C. (yes, this is back in the day when there was a boy’s side and a girl’s side, I’m thinking sophomore or junior year).  We were practicing with the P.C. Singers (Paramus Catholic, not necessarily politically correct. ha) for the Christmas Concert that Fall.  We were singing something with the Hallelujah in it because I remember looking down at the song sheet and seeing “Hallelujah (Repeat 14x)” on it.  Just at that moment, Brother James was laughing at us because he was wondering why we were all so intently looking at our song sheets especially since we were repeating the same word over and over again.  We all laughed at that point. And then, I was back on the freeway driving home after work.  I just think it’s interesting, first off, what sticks in your head after 15-16 years.  I also think it’s interesting what brings those memories back to the forefront.  Just some randomness for you today!

have a great one!

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