Find a new routine

I’m always trying to find some balance, some routine, some semblance of sanity in my daily, weekly, and monthly life.  With the wedding and the house hunt, that doesn’t always seem possible.  Interestingly, now that the condo has been purchased and the mortage payment is in the mail and the wedding is coming closer and closer to completion, I wonder what the heck the new “normal” is going to be.  What will the new “routine”  look like?  What will I actually do with myself with all the time I’m not going to be spending calling vendors, looking at houses, filling out loan papers and all of the other craziness of the last 10 months.

Today I tried to “take the day off”… I ended up going a bit stir crazy and went on two walks, saw a movie, and watched the Laker game.  I still feel a bit restless but not sure what I can do to release the energy I have bouncing around in my head. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to have down time.  Maybe I just need the frantic running around to feel even keel.  Not sure but I’m trying.   Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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