So they have been ordered… lalala… we have to go check them out and approve them on Saturday so that we can then get them engraved… 🙂  yeah…

Sooooooooooo now we have to work on the HONEYMOON 🙂  and shoes for me and a suit for him and the hair and (GASP!) makeup… we’re still out on the makeup… it’s hard for me… anyone who knows me knows that shade of red my face turns when makeup touches me 😛  it’s an ALLERGY… I SWEAR hahahhaha

but back to the wedding…  oooooooooooo next we get to do Cake too… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummyummyummy.

but we’re getting there 🙂 slowly, surely, getting to that fabu day! Yeah, I’m excited… happy dance happy dance 🙂  yeah!

Have a great one!

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