My experience sans phone.

I was talking to my sister the other day (about half way through my 2 weeks sans phone) and she told me ala paraphrase… you remember back when we didn’t have cell phones and it was okay.  Yes, I do remember what it was like without cell phones and it wasn’t too bad… yes, it is a good thing to be able to have it there when you need it.  BUT, it’s also good to be disconnected every once in a while. I’m usually camping or out in the boondocks somewhere when I do that.

Unfortunately in my habit of having my cell phone with me all of the time, I’ve gotten out of the habit of checking my answering machine at home… yep 11 messages… mostly telemarketers but there where those ones from my fam and friends who thought I’ve fallen off of the face of the planet… but alas, I am still here… 🙂  having survived my cell phoneless state.  I just hope that this phone lasts a bit longer than the last one did 🙂 Yeah Phone!

Gotta go, back to work, more to come 🙂

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