Reading other’s blogs

Have you ever read random people’s blogs?  WordPress has this neat feature where it’ll take you to a random blog and if you keep hitting the arrow up at the top it’ll keep shuffling through other member’s blogs.

Having had a complete brain fart of massive proportions, I started playing with this feature.  Some of them were super cool because they were in other languages and so although I couldn’t read them at all, the letters actually looked beautiful in what seemed to me to be a random sequence.  Some are very political… there is the guy who’s horrified at the fact that we’re “losing Bush to Barack” and then there’s the lady who feels that we need to become non-consumers (she’s got some good tips, so I think I’ll visit her again).  Some are Totally random, like the guy who just lists all of the websites he likes or the girl who describes her daily outfit as a budding fashionista.  But then you get the folks that are counting up their sober days or counting down the minutes they can move out of their folks home.  I don’t think I’d have the courage to put my ISH out there on the net for all to read, and that’s when I feel like the little sister reading her big sister’s diary (not like I ever DID that… I could never find Cathy’s diary anyway 🙂 haha)

So is it weird to look through these other blogs? I wonder if strangers read mine… good Lord, but then again, I do write and it is out there for whomever chooses to click on my blog.

I don’t know, I’m still pondering pondering… If someone writes their most personal thoughts on the internet are we intruding when we look?  Hmmmm…. pondering … pondering….

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One Response to Reading other’s blogs

  1. cathy says:

    Did I have a diary? I remember you with the “journals” :0) Either way, just in case, I read your blog and it’s payback, baby! No . . . I find it interesting and I miss you, so I like to read your musings . . . XOXO, cathy 4 queen

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