Dare we hope?

So is today really it? Is today the first day of the future? Can the American people collectively shout to the heavens that enough is enough?  I sit here at the courthouse waiting for jury selection with my juror badge on my shirt and my “I voted” sticker on my hand trying to believe in the American people.  It’s hard though.  I’ve believed in us in the past just to be subjected to dim witted christian fanatism.  At the same tim, I was floored by the line around the polling place (the local Presbyterian Church) at two minutes after 7am (I knew I shouldn’t have hit the snooze bar that last time).  At the last election, I whizzed in and out, no line at all and the polling place ladies bored out of their miinds.  This morning, I waited 30 minutes just to get close enough to the door to let them know that I was just dropping off my absentee ballot.  It was packed inside but it was great because we were all waiting out turns to have our voices heard.  Parents came with their kids before school to show them the importance of exercising our rights.  It give me hope but it’s a guarded hope of “let’s see.”  We’ll see but I’m still hoping for the best.  I cast my ballot … until tonight… what else can I do? 


Here’s to nothing, to something… to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let’s get this right 🙂

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