A Harriet the Spy Moment

Do you remember that book, Harriet the Spy?  I loved that book as a kid (I think they eventually made it into a movie which isn’t too much a surprise).  Harriet was my hero as a child, she would walk around her town and make observations which she’d write down in her journals.  That and she LOVED tomato sandwiches.  Have you ever had a tomato sandwich, if not, you should 🙂


So my own Harriet the Spy Moment:  The courthouse window looks out at the intersection between the 405 and 105 freeways with the airport nearby.  Cars, trucks, and the ocassional plane speed by.  It’s such a clear day with a beautiful blue sky and huge white clouds.  The meter parking lot is just below and there are about four cars just waiting for open spots.  It’s interested to see them scramble when a spot opens up.  One guy just got his spot snaked and he is not a happy camper :-P.  In the room behind me there is a rustling as people read and move around the room.  Someone just turned on one the TVs.  Even with the TV on, the calm behind me doesn’t match the frantic scurrying of the vehicles outside.  Everyone with a place to be, always in a rush.  But I sit in this glass tower, stuck in here with the guy who’s been on the phone with his friend practicing the different excuses in case he gets called into a jury.  Totally swarmy guy, I had to move because he kept smiling at me like we were in some club instead of a courthouse. Dude, seriously, this is a courthouse and you are creepy :-P.  There’s the nice old guy I was in line with who’s just happy to have something to do today.  One of the teachers is grading her papers.  I wonder if her students are being nice to their substitute teacher.  🙂 Probably not.. haha.  It’s a good mix of people.  Some who want to be here, some who are just waiting to see what’ll happen, and then there are those who are crawling up the walls.  Then there’s the lady who’s sleeping on the couch with her mouth wide open.  I like the lady who asked about a changing room so she could exercise during lunch.  Kudos to her but I didn’t see showers so I hope she’s not going to run or anything. HaHa :).  But I’m on my way again.  I can’t stay in one spot too long.  Getting restless, going to walk around some more.

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