We may have a winner…..

…. so I began the “dreaded” 😛 bridal dress shopping extravaganza. Well I actually took a first shot at dress shopping some weeks back and had such a bad experience that this was the first time I decided to try again. so off I went with Anna (future sister-in-law) to the local David’s Bridal and dress after dress after dress (I was even attacked by one of the dresses as it grabbed a piece of hair and just wouldn’t let go… that was an interesting position to be in… but atleast I didn’t fall over, jeebus 😀 ) I actually found two I REALLY REALLY like.  and of those two, one I REALLY REALLY REALLY like. so now I’m thinking it over. I sent some pics over to my mom, sister, and bridesmaids.  It’ll be soooooooooooooooo cool if I decide after a few nights sleeping on it that I found my dress… happydancehappydance… whoohooo.  Those of you who know me KNOW how much I ENJOY dress shopping 😛 (maybe in another dimension) but hey I actually went out there and found something I like. I am very much a happy lady right now.

I’ll let you know 🙂 I would post a picture but I’m a wee bit too superstitious about that. Steve does ocassionally surf the internet and heaven forbid he see the dress beforehand… 😀 heeeheee.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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